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I used to care what they think about me, now I couldn’t care less!

You have been telling me to do a project like this for a long time , and I have finally listened. ( Thanks Covid 🙄 and a ton of free time) Some of you may think you know me but unless you know me in real life and spent time with me  - you don’t. What I post on the social media is just 1% of what I really am like . I don’t open up to strangers .... they THINK I do;) 

So let me take you into my private world , full of insane adventures, stories that are so interesting they are hard to believe . Lets talk relationships, bullying ( I’ve been through the worst of it) , career, self care, psychology , sexism and see where else this lands us! 

PLUS when you subscribe you have a chance to win a brand new Cartier love bangle . I have quite a few , let me get one for you too😘.

P.s topics are added/updated all the time